With intense passion, a value is added into steel.
With daring innovation and unique technology, Dongkuk Steel manufactures steel products that make the world better.
Steel Making Steel Making
Reinforcing Bars Reinforcing Bars
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Steel Plates Steel Plates
Steel Making
Since the eco-friendly Eco-Arc furnace was introduced first in Korea
we have saved energy consumption by 30% and has reduced greenhouse gas emissions,
leading the eco-friendly production.
Capacity 3,600,000 tons
Reinforcing Bars
We produce high tension, and super-high tension types of reinforcing bars.
We produce differentiated products by establishing the KS specification of seismic
resistant bar first in Korea and with premium coil reinforcing bar brand ‘D-KOIL’.
Capacity 2,750,000 tons View More
We produce various specifications that have excellent cross-sectional performance such as H-Beam, Channel, Angle,
and produce safety-specific products such as seismic H-Beam, checkered H-Beam, DK-Deck.
Capacity 1,300,000 tons View More
Steel Plates
With the know-how that produced steel plate for the first time in korea,
We produce general steel and high grade steel and also DK LP-Plate
which is produced with top rolling technology.
Capacity 1,500,000 tons View More