Executive Message

Steel for Green
Dongkuk Steel creates the future of the eco-friendly steel industry.
Dongkuk Steel, founded in 1954 on the basis of the philosophy of steel patriotism, is the first private steel company in Korea
and has contributed to the national economy and industrial development with the best steel products to this day.
The iron produced by Dongkuk Steel is used as a major material in diverse industries, including construction, machinery, and shipbuilding.
Iron scrap also becomes a raw material for molten iron and developed into new steel products.
This is the essence of the business that we have pursued since our foundation, and we have continued our journey to realizing
the management philosophy of “contributing to the development of culture” through steel.

With our strategy of “Steel for Green,” we will spare no effort to build our expertise in the industry through
facility investment and process and product technology development, while advancing our energy, process technology,
and product portfolios at the same time.
Dongkuk Steel has never feared changes and innovations, and our employees remain committed to people.
Win-win labor-management relations and a family-friendly company are the tradition
and proud corporate culture of Dongkuk Steel.
Our activities are centered on people, and the growth of talents is our greatest competitiveness
that contributes to company development.

Dongkuk Steel, as a member of the social community, will achieve a circular low-carbon society, ensure trustworthy management,
fulfill our social responsibilities, and become a company trusted by all stakeholders,
including shareholders, customers, partners, and local communities, as well as our employees.
We ask for your continuous support for Dongkuk Steel, a company that relentlessly moves toward the goal of
becoming a “global steel company with the best competitiveness.”

Thank you