Enviroment & Energy Management

Dongkuk Steel implements eco-friendly
policies to create sustainable values.
Dongkuk Steel's efforts are still continuing: Based on the electric furnace manufacturing method that produces new steel products using
scrap metal as a recycled raw material, all business sites strictly adhere to the principle of minimizing pollutant emissions and energy
consumption, minimize environmental pollution through process improvement and facility investment, and at the same time, try to
produce the best product quality.
& Energy
Dongkuk Steel practices customer satisfaction and human-centered management, based on the management philosophy of “contributing to cultural development through steel.” To create a safe and pleasant work environment and realize "a company that protects the safety and health of all workers," we implement the following:

One. We recognize the environment and energy as the top priority in management.
One. We ensure workers' participation and consultation in environment and energy management activities.
One. We comply with relevant laws and agreements, and create an eco-friendly workplace.
One. We identify the potential occurrence of environmental pollution in advance and prepare countermeasures.
One. We reduce energy consumption and minimize environmental pollution through efficient use of resources.
One. We build social trust by strengthening communication with stakeholders.

This policy is announced to all stakeholders, and all executives and employees continuously strive to improve safety and health management.

December 16, 2022
Dongkuk Steel Co., Ltd.l
Executive Vice President Samyoung Choi
& Energy
Dongkuk Steel conducts thorough management based on the environment and energy management system to prevent environmental pollution that may occur during production activities and minimize damage.
환경에너지 경영시스템표 이미지
& Energy
환경에너지 조직 표
Green Innovation
에너지 효율을 참고 이미지
Introduction of Korea’s first eco-arc electric furnace that maximizes energy efficiency and reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Energy saving through continuous charging and preheating of steel scrap
    (↓30% power usage)
  • Realized minimization of external emission combustion gas by application of post-combustion and combustion tower burner
탄력적인 가열로 참고 이미지
Introduction of the hot charge production method that increases energy efficiency by operating the heating furnace flexibly
  • Introduced hot direct rolling (HDR) at steel mill in Incheon (Rolling Mill 1) in September 2012
  • 80% increase in fuel intensity and 35,000 tCO₂eq reduction in greenhouse gas emissions per year after applying HDR
태양광 발전 시설참고 이미지
Installation of solar power facilities

  • Pollutants/Greenhouse gas emission “Zero” facility
  • Expected to install 12.5 MW solar power in Dangjin Plant on in March 2021.
  • Pollutants/Greenhouse gas emission “Zero” facility
친환경 청정에너지 대표 기술인 바이오 보일러 이미지
Installation of air pollution prevention facilities to improve air quality
  • Operation of 4 SCR(Selective Catalytic Reduction) & 13 Bag filter-Dust collector
  • Operation of 11 TMS(Tele-Monitoring System) for real-time monitoring of air pollutant emission